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Solar Air Heaters 

(AKA Solar space heaters, solar furnaces, pop can heaters, solar collectors)

...are insulated boxes with a black interior and a clear polycarbonate or glass covering,
 mounted on a sun-facing wall or roof of a building.
They collect solar radiation and transform it into heat.

Solar Air Heater Operated by an Okapi System. Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc. Okapi Fan Control Systems for Solar Air Heaters.

Closed-loop solar air heaters circulate and heat internal air from an attached building. They pull air in through one vent,
heat that air, then push it out through another vent and back into the building. 

The first solar air heaters used no fans at all. They relied on natural convection to allow air to flow through a solar collector, 
and into an attached building via an upper vent. 
However, this natural air-flow by convection is very minimal and not ideal at providing heat to any space,
 as the heat naturally pools at the ceiling level close to the outlet.

For adequate heating purposes, it is important to be able to control the flow-rate and direction 
of the air that passes out from the solar collector box. 

Precise fan speed control ensures optimal heat transfer 
from the solar-heated elements within the solar collector box to the passing air. 

For effective heating of any space, the heat must be emitted near floor level, (not ceiling level)
 and ideally absorbed and stored in the thermal mass of the floors and furniture.

"Would you install a fan heater near a ceiling? Of course not!"

Please note

You may notice that most websites, videos, books and commercially available solar air heater companies 
show diagrams of the historical method of blowing the heated air out of the top vent, near the ceiling.

   The innovation of Okapi Systems, available for purchase here, turns this industry's out-dated methods upside-down. Literally. 

Okapi Systems operating closed-loop solar air heaters will result in greater efficiency of space-heating and increased over-all solar heat harvest.

The Okapi systems continually monitor weather trends and adjust the rate of change for the fan speeds accordingly. This means the running time of the heater is extensively extended.

You can even monitor the output of certain Okapi systems, using a computer or the Android app we publish for this very purpose.

Solar Air Heaters can help us all live more healthily and easily.

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