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Can I simply connect the Okapi System directly up to a PV (Photovoltaic) Panel?

posted Jul 30, 2014, 6:53 PM by Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc.   [ updated Jul 30, 2014, 6:55 PM ]
We highly discourage and never recommend just connecting an Okapi System directly to a PV Panel (without using a 12V battery and charge controller...) for the following reasons:

1. There could be times when there is not enough power to run the Okapi System optimally or properly, resulting in loss of your heat-harvest. Any solar heat-harvest loss means you will be running your main heating system (furnace, stove, baseboards...) more, costing you more money over time.

2. There could be times when there is too much power produced from the PV Panel, potentially resulting in damage and financial loss.
  • One possible result from this could be the Okapi System shutting down: it is safely fused, so if it does get a power surge the fuse will blow and the system will turn off, (meaning, you would need to buy and insert a new fuse to get it running again).
  • The other possible result is overheating of and damage to the PV Panel itself. The Okapi System will only draw so much power, and if the PV Panel is producing too much, that excess recirculating electricity could potentially cause overheating and possible irreparable damage to your PV Panel, (meaning you might need to buy a whole new PV Panel).