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The Founders

Company Founders. Okapi Fan Control Systems for Solar Air Heaters. Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc.

Julian Jameson, CEO of Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc. Inventor of the Okapi Fan Control Systems for Solar Air Heaters

Julian Jameson, CEO, is the visionary who has designed, developed and refined the Okapi system. Prior to moving to Canada in 2004, Julian lived in England where he designed, programmed and managed the development of computer and video games.  The most notable title he is responsible for is probably "Cannon Fodder", one of many titles he produced when he worked at Sensible Software (and afterwards at Codemasters). More recently, Julian (or "Jools", as he used to be known) has shifted his abilities to designing electronic systems that utilize programmable microcontrollers.

Throughout his career as a video game programmer, his choice of programming language would always be the native assembly language of the target system, and Julian would spend his endless energy trying to squeeze all potential performance from the available hardware. A great example of his work was the full motion video player he developed for Nintendo's Game Boy Color (a system powered by an 8-bit 4.3Mhz processor that could only display up to 56 colors). His video player could display a potential of over 800 individual colors per frame, during a smooth playback rate while simultaneously streaming digital audio. This technical achievement provoked many to assume that the videos displayed were from the far more powerful Game Boy Advance console.

Meredith Williams, President of Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc. Creators and Manufacturers of the Okapi Fan Control Systems for Solar Air Heaters.

Meredith Williams, President,
 has worked alongside Julian Jameson throughout the entire research and development process. Also a visual artist specializing in technical drawings and vividly colored oil paintings, she has contributed her artwork to the logos, trademarks and marketing material for Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc. Meredith has a strong background in mathematics, physics and biology, graduating with honours from Phillips Exeter Academy of New Hampshire, USA  and studying at University of Toronto.