Okapi Solar Air Heater App:

Learn how to Download the Okapi Viewer App at the bottom of this page.

Okapi Viewer App for Windows

The Okapi Viewer App works for models of the Okapi 1 or 2.i Systems with the wireless modules and with the Okapi tSense. It detects which type of system you have,
and adjusts its display accordingly.

For Android mobile devices and PC computers with Bluetooth wireless technology

How to Download the Okapi Viewer App:

  • The Okapi Viewer App requires that your system (currently available for 32 or 64 bit Windows systems only) has a recent version of JRE (Java runtime environment) installed.

Please ensure you choose the version of JRE that is intended for your operating system.

  • After you have successfully installed JRE, download the Okapi.jar file. 

We are using Sourceforge.net* as a host site for the Okapi Viewer App. You can download the app from the following address:
Download the Okapi.jar file on to your system. When you run it, it should automatically run in the Java environment.

If the Okapi.jar file does not automatically run:
  1. Right-click on the file icon on your computer: select "Open With"
  2. Find and Select "Java(TM) Platform SE binary"
  3. The "Okapi Viewer" App should now be open on your screen.
Multiple instances of the App can be used to connect and view the behaviour of multiple Okapi systems.

Please Join Sourceforge.net

*At Sourceforge.net, you will see that we have a Forum, under the "Discussion" tab available for our use: 

By Joining Sourceforge.net, you will be able to:
  • Participate in open discussions 
  • Ask questions
  • See answers to questions posed by other members using the Okapi Viewer App
  • Share your experiences 
  • Learn about Updates to the App 
  • Find out when the other Okapi Viewer App versions will be available

We look forward to your participation!

How to Connect to Your Okapi

It is a pretty straightforward process of how to pair your bluetooth-enabled PC with your Okapi, and then connect to your Okapi using the Okapi Viewer App:

Connecting with Your Okapi

Here are the basic steps in point form:

1. Open your control panel and go to "Add devices"
2. As it searches for new devices, (your computer must be Bluetooth enabled), you should see a device called "ABBTM" appear.
3. Click next
4. Enter code: 0000
5. Then, click next again
6. This device should now be added to your computer.
7. Right click to see "properties" of this ABBTM device. Under the "Hardware" tab, you will be able to see which "com port" it is using. Remember the "com port number".
8. Go back to the okapi viewer app and type in the com port number in that box.
9. Click connect!