The Okapi Viewer App requires that your system (currently 32 or 64 bit Windows system only) has a recent version of JRE (Java runtime environment) installed.

You can download JRE from Please ensure you choose the version of JRE that is intended for your operating system.

After you have successfully installed JRE, download the Okapi.jar file. 

We are using Sourceforge as a host site for the Okapi Viewer app. You can download the app from the following address:

Download the Okapi.jar file on to your system. When you run it, it should automatically run in the Java environment.

If the Okapi.jar file does not automatically run:
  1. Right-click to "Open With"
  2. Find and Select "Java(TM) Platform SE binary"
  3. The "Okapi Viewer" App should now be open on your screen.
Multiple instances of the app can be used to connect and view the behaviour of multiple Okapi systems.