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Purchase a complete Okapi system with a power adapter (North America only)
Or purchase an Okapi system without a power supply (saves on shipping), you supply the power!

Already have your own 12V power supply (Solar PV or adapter)?

Okapi systems are designed to be powered by a 12VDC solar PV system (battery, PV panels and charge controller). They even have an on-board fuse for protection.

Okapi 1 System Power Adapter Requirements:
12 VDC
1 Amp
Positive center
2.1 mm connector

Okapi 2.i System Power Adapter Requirements:
12 VDC
2 Amp
Positive center
2.1mm connector

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We will not be held liable for any damages, financial loss, injury or harm caused by your connection of a power adapter that you have purchased or acquired elsewhere. 
You are connecting your own power adapter or power supply from another source (such as solar PV system) at your own risk.