Okapi System Fan

The standard variable speed fan* we use with Okapi Systems is powerful, has a high static pressure resistance rating,
 is not too loud and works very well for the average range of solar air heater sizes and heat-output capabilities. 

Standard Variable Speed Fan used in Okapi Fan Control Systems for Solar Air Heaters. Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc.

Features of the Standard Fan used by Okapi Systems

        • Shape and Size: Square, 92mm L by 92mm H by 38mm W
        • Speed: Variable, up to 4,800RPM
        • Voltage: 12VDC 
        • Power Range: 0-9.6W
        • Air-Flow: 110CFM
        • Static Pressure: 0.665 inch H20 (165.6 Pa)
        • Noise: 55 decibels at full speed 
        • Safety: finger guard included and installed
        • Works effectively with solar air heaters ranging in sizes from 2ft x 4ft up to 4ft x 10ft
        • 3 position male receptacle with contacts included and installed (+12VDC, GND, PWM)
* We reserve the right to replace this fan with a similar or improved product, without prior notice