Wire-Length Customization

Okapi Systems' "Inlet" and "Outlet" wires can be cut to requested lengths to suit your project. 
A wire-length customization fee can range from $10 - $40 (or more for very complicated and expansive projects).***


When planning a project, you may need a little help understanding where the Inlets and Outlets should be and where your sensors and fans should go for your Okapi System installation to optimize your solar heat harvest.
We want your project to work and we want you to be pleased with the performance of your Okapi System. 

We are very generous with our expertise. We provide detailed, quality drawings and diagrams, notes, suggestions and options, all related to how your Okapi System can be incorporated into your project plans.

 We do not provide professional advice for engineering/construction design and installation of solar heaters or vent systems.

Never hesitate to ask us general questions:  we will not surprise you with a consultation fee without notifying you first that our assessment of your project will qualify as a consultation.

Alternative Fan selection

You may feel your solar air heater requires a larger or more powerful fan*. 
If this is the case, please see the "Fan Purchase Guide Spreadsheet" attached at the bottom of this page, or search sites such as Digikey or Mouser for more recent products.

All of the fans in the attached Guide follow the requirements for fans to be controlled by Okapi Systems.
The Basic Requirements for Fans to work with Okapi Systems:
          • Variable Speed (PWM: Pulse Width Modulation)
          • 12 Volt DC
          • 4 Amp maximum
          • Designed for High Heat Operating Temperatures 

*If you want to customize your choice of fan, please Contact Us
You may purchase a fan yourself, chosen from the list in our Guide, directly from our reliable supplier: Digikey.
We will send you a personal Paypal Invoice for an Okapi System without the cost of the standard fan(s) included.***

**The quoted prices are subject to small changes.
***Payments for Customization and Consultations are made through personalized, secure and official PayPal Invoices embedded with a customized "Buy Now" button, sent to you via email.
You can pay with your credit card or through your PayPal Account: quick, simple and safe.

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