Assembly Instruction Manuals and Videos

With the desire of saving paper, we have provided the Okapi Instruction Manuals as PDF documents that you may view or download by clicking on the document links at the bottom of this page.

 We ask that if you must print them, please try to use both sides of the paper.

If you have any troubles viewing these documents, please Contact Us
We can send them to you in another format, if necessary.

For your safety and the safety of others, you must review the entire Okapi Instruction Manuals before attempting to assemble or connect your Okapi System to a power source. 

If you are building kits, please also view these Assembly Instruction Videos.

Assembling Okapi 1 Fan Control System Kits


Assembling Okapi 2 Fan Control System Kits

Hacking Okapi 2

(Any damage to your circuit board resulting from errors or mistakes while attempting
 the data collection secrets revealed in the video "Hacking Okapi 2" are not covered by warranty.)

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