Okapi 2

Cleverly controls two fans entirely independently 

This is a great product for operating two solar air heaters that may experience differing solar exposure conditions.

With the optional wireless system, you can connect your Okapi system to an Android Smartphone or tablet for data logging and much more!

Okapi Bluetooth

The Smartphone is not included with the Okapi 2 Wireless system 

Okapi Bluetooth

Okapi 2 system includes:

        • 2 Fans
        • 1 Control Box (with 1 Room Temperature Sensor within)
        • 2 Outlet Wires (2ft and 4ft long for standard system) to connect to the Fans and their Oulet Sensors
        • 2 Outlet Temperature Sensors
        • 2 Inlet Wires (9ft long for standard system) to connect to the Inlet Sensors
        • 2 Inlet Temperature Sensors
        • 1 (12V DC) Power Adapter  (optional)
        • Optional wireless module allowing Bluetooth connection to a PC or Android smartphone or tablet